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How REGO® works?

Daily connect. Repetition is key.

Mentor Matching

Tap to connect with a mentor based on your interest.

Chat Worldly

Chat with someone from another country for 5 min or longer.

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Rate your experience. Bookmark your mentor for future chats.

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Amazing features

Daily dose of short and fun.


24/7 access to english mentoring platform.


Casually connect with mentor on the go.

Flat price

Free trial for new users. More access to mentoring with flat pricing.

Intelligent matching

Tap to connect with a mentor based on location and interest.

Time sharing

Utilize and share your spare time every day.


Intelligent video platform to connect you with the best mentors.

Use cases

1. When you want to learn casual english, slangs, not just formal settings,

2. When you want to a quick tip on a particular expression,

3. When you want to correct your English work in real-time,

4. When you need urgent interpretation and meaning,

5. Or, when you need English mentoring overall.

Pricing plan

1st trial on us! New users start with 10 points to use for sessions with mentors. Then, pay the sessions in points.



$1 USD



$10 USD



$100 USD

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